MoD: Iraqi forces kill 11 terrorists in al-Karma


Baghdad ( On Thursday, Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced, that 5 terrorists have been either killed or injured and 15 explosive devices were dismantled in the district of al-Karma in east of Fallujah.

The ministry said in a statement obtained by, “Baghdad Operations forces, with support from the army’s air force and the international coalition’s warplanes, have managed to kill 2 terrorists and wound 3 others during the operation ‘Fajr al-Karma’ which has been launched to liberate the area of al-Karma and its surroundings.”

“The forces also managed to destroy 6 armored vehicles and dismantle 15 explosives in the area,” the statement added.


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  1. I hate to be harsh, but Iraqis brought this on themselves. As an American, I abhorred the wrongful displays some of our soldiers took in treating the Iraqi people while our troops were there. But only a fool could miss noting the stupidity, the arrogance and the incompetent resistance shown our troops shortly after the liberation of Iraq and the subsequent far too long of a stay for our soldiers. I have deeply researched and watched videos of Iraqi troops as our soldiers sought to train and lead your troops into battle, and the s**t eating grinning, failure to obey instructions, failure to assault with honor and respect as a soldier, disrespectful attitude and lack of cooperation by enlisted, officer and in general all Iraqi military was so prominent.

    To disregard the efforts our troops made, to think Americans stupid, too stupid to respect, was only a setback for the country’s liberation and advancement. If our own generals had of shown the incompetence, lack of concern and major screwed up efforts that left your troops recently without ammo, armaments or support to where the overwhelming number opposing ISIS had to retreat, our generals would have been shot by their men on the battlefield.

    The failure of Iraq government officials to govern properly, the corrupt ways they pilfered and parasitically siphoned money off of well intended contributions and donations by America in cash and support, was abhorrently a picture of what has ailed your country in the first place for decades. Your inner conflict from racial prejudice, your total lack of regulation IMams to stay out of politics and stop preaching hate, is a calling card for your own demise. teh “leave us alone and let us live in our poverty” attitude of the people in the rural sectors completely dismantled any moral our troops had for helping the people. A long history of religious hatred and a dominate oppressive attitude for any prevailing party has kept our country imprisoned within its own borders for half a century.

    Even here in America, we jail any religious preacher that preaches hate speech due to race or ethnic groupings. You should do the same there. Pride, arrogance, haughtiness and downright ignorance is the disease that your country suffers from and it is apparent through the media that you deserve your plight right now, even though I am a stiff opposition to the ISIS threat in the world. You asked for this period of time, and allowed your own leaders to throw you under the bus.

    As here sometimes the citizen is powerless and can do little to manipulate the government legislative branches to do right, and the people suffer from years long in-fighting and corruption also from our many leaders in legislature, we at least fight against corruption and unrighteous acts by our government, and bring violators to prosecution and justice also. Your people being selfish and unconcerned allow this to spread like a disease in your nation rather than protest and riot and bring your leaders to court and trial unless they happen to be an opposing religious sector. you should have voted in Kurdish leaders who would of at least given the people a fair shake for their votes, but rather you voted in thieves who were prejudiced religious party leaders.

    . You in Iraq often support oppressive behaviors, denying girls and women rights, and denying the poor their rights. You have asked for this for a long time, and Allah is merely making you pay your just dues. You should appreciate nations like America even though I loathe President Bush for his lies and starting the war in the first place, it at least ousted Saddam Hussein and got him brought to justice. Are you worth the help as a people? Doubtedly.

    You have stacked the cards an dare no w paying just tribute for haughtiness, selfishness, and unrighteous character permissions. It will be a long drawn out justification and many innocents are losing their lives, and you still haven’t learned to unify and oppress religious hatred and division.

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