Mosul residents in possession of warning leaflets to be whipped by ISIS

ISIS whipping an Iraqi man. File photo
ISIS whipping an Iraqi man. File photo

( Nineveh – A local source in Nineveh province informed Iraqi News on Wednesday that ISIS has threatened Mosul residents of 20 whipped if they were found carrying the warning leaflets dropped by the Iraqi Air Force on Tuesday night.

“As the Iraqi forces prepare to launch an all-out offensive against ISIS in the province, Iraqi fighter jets warned the citizens on Tuesday night by dropping warning leaflets, urging them to stay away from ISIS sites. The militant outfit on the other hand today, mobilized its members to collect the leaflets and also warned the residents that they will be whipped with 20 whips if any leaflets were found from their possession.”

It may be mentioned here that Iraqi warplanes on Tuesday night dropped a huge number of warning leaflets over the northern province of Nineveh, urging the civilians to keep away from the ISIS positions since they will be targeted by the jets.

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