Mosul rebels use leaflets to threaten ISIS members

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – Rebel detachments pasted threatening leaflets on the houses of ISIS militants in the city of Mosul, Al Sumaria reported on Thursday.

Al Sumaria News stated, “Detachments of rebels pasted leaflets on the houses of ISIS militants, at a late hour yesterday, in a number of neighborhoods in Mosul,” and that “These rebels vowed through the leaflets to avenge martyrs.”

“These leaflets consider as another evidence on the rising popular resistance against ISIS in Mosul,” Al Sumaria added.

Two days ago, Mosul started to show signs of a popular armed uprising against the Islamic State, where a group of armed rebellious residents attacked a headquarters of ISIS and destroyed six patrols in less than five hours in the city.

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