MP demands to replace IA, FP, with local police inside Iraqi provinces

MP demands to replace IA, FP, with local police inside Iraqi provinces

Baghdad ( MP, Mudhur al-Janabi, of the Iraqiya Slate and the member of the Security and Defense Parliamentary Committee demanded to grant the local police the task of protecting the cities in Baghdad instead of Army Forces and Federal Police.He reported in statement received by on Saturday ”The demands of Anbar demonstrator included to withdraw Army forces and all military elements from all Iraqi provinces since the western provinces and Baghdad have almost became a military barrack, ” pointing out that ”The Federal Police will gave the same military impact of the Army forces.””The deployment of Army Forces all over cities is not a civilized situation just like an alert condition while the Army should be at the entrances and exits outside the cities to provide protection of terrorists or intruders,” he added.The Iraqi Government decided on 25/ January to replace the forces of the Iraqi Army with the Federal police on the background of recent confrontations that occurred between the security forces and protestors of Anbar. \

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