Mysterious explosion at ISIS workshop suffocates 11 children in Mosul

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – A local source in Nineveh province informed that Mosul Hospital has received 11 children who inhaled poisonous gases, and added that these children are called “The Cubs of Caliphate”.

According to Iraqi media outlets, “Today, Mosul Hospital received 11 children, who known as the cubs of caliphate, and they were suffering from severe dyspnea due to inhaling poisonous gas,” adding that, “The injured were working at a workshop belonging to the ISIS for manufacturing local rockets, near Mosul, and they were injured after a mysterious explosion at the workshop.”

Noteworthy, ISIS formed brigades consists of children and called it “The cubs of caliphate”, in order to enhance its combat abilities and tighten its grip on Nineveh province.

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