New Zealand sends 100 military personnel to train Iraqi security forces

New Zealand troops.Archival photo.
New Zealand troops. Archival photo.

( Baghdad – On Wednesday, New Zealand government announced sending 100 military trainers to continue the training of the Iraqi security forces, while indicated that the new batch will be deployed in Taji base north of Baghdad.

The commander of New Zealand joint forces from Maj. Gen. Tim Gall said in a press statement obtained by, “As part of two-year mission, a new rotation of about 100 troops were sent to camp Taji to participate in the joint operation between the NZDF and the Australian Defense Force north of Baghdad to relieve the contingent currently there.”

Gall added, “About 5000 Iraqi soldiers were trained so far, with some involved in the operation to retake the center of the city of Ramadi from ISIS last year.”

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