Nineveh Council: 1,500 ISIS members escape Mosul and head towards Riqqa

ISIS militants. File photo.
ISIS militants. File photo.

( NINEVEH – Nineveh provincial council member Hossam al-Abbar revealed on Tuesday that over 1,500 ISIS members including several of its senior leaders have escaped from Mosul and have headed towards Riqqa in Syria.

Al-Abbar, in a press statement, said, “The number of ISIS members in Mosul, before releasing Qayyarah base and the surrounding villages, was around 9000 including Arab, foreign and local nationals.”

Al-Abbar added, “After the liberation of Qayyarah, the number of ISIS members have declined as a number of them have either been killed or escaped the city.”

Alabbar said,”Over 1,500 ISIS members comprising of Arab and foreign nationals have fled from Mosul and have headed towards Riqqa.”

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