Nineveh Council’s member: Dozens of IS leaders flee toward Syria

Nineveh Council's member: Dozens of IS leaders flee toward Syria
Members of the Islamic State. File photo.

Nineveh ( Member of Nineveh Provincial Council, Hossam al-Din al-Abbar, declared on Monday, that dozens of the Islamic State’s leaders fled from the city of Mosul toward Syria, while pointed out to finishing the liberation battles of eastern Mosul.

Abbar said in a press statement, “Dozens of vehicles belonging to the Islamic State, carrying leaders and their families, were seen while withdrawing from eastern Mosul toward the Syrian territories,” pointing out that, “The liberation battles of eastern Mosul finished.”

“The western side of Mosul includes 30 neighborhoods and 600 thousand civilians,” Abbar explained. “The liberation battles of western Mosul are expected to be much easier and faster than eastern side,” Abbar further added.

Earlier today, We Are Coming Nineveh Operations Command announced storming al-Rashidiyah area, the last stronghold of the Islamic State in eastern Mosul.


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  1. People are innocent. They are looking peace through corrupt rulers. Western country ruler are not sincere in peace. They have their interests.. Corrupt ruler are their puppet and they obey what western wants. How it is possible that a big Iraqi army with the help of so called coalition forces can not stop Daesh/ ISIl members from fleeing freely after butchering innocent people?

  2. I think the idea was to destroy ISIS and that could be possible only if they are attack and eliminated not given safe routes to travel. I also know that desert is a good place to intercept and destroy fleeing militants as it offers little cover. I think they are deliberately allowed to go to Syria but the Russians will take care of them there. The SAA and co are also competent enough. if not destroyed these militants will go to their country of origin and do the same there.

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