Official, police commander injured in Salah il-Din

Official, police commander injured in Salah il-Din

Salah il-Din ( The chairman of Municipal Council of Shirqat district associated to Salah-il-Din province and commander of Salah-il-Din police training center were injured due to an armed attack on the chairman’s house in the left coast of Shirqat district of northern Salah-il-Din.

A security source told that “Unidentified gunmen launched an armed attack targeting residence of Shirqat Municipal Council’s chairman, Abed Ali Ibrahim, resulted in injuring him.”

“The attack also resulted in injuring the commander of Salah il-Din police training center, Col, Ayad Ali Ibrahim while he was present at his brother’s house,” the source added.

“The bodyguards of the chairman clashed with the gunmen, forcing them to flee and transported the two injured to a hospital for treatment,” he concluded.

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