Oil pipeline sabotaged in Salah-il-Din, Nineveh provinces

Oil pipeline sabotaged in Salah-il-Din, Nineveh provinces

Baghdad ( The Ministry of Oil announced that ”The oil pipeline, which transports Oil products between Salah-il-Din and Nineveh provinces, suffered a sabotage that resulted in a huge fire and stopping transportation of Oil through the pipeline.”The Ministry reported in statement received by on Wednesday ”The terrorists emplaced mines and Improvised Explosive Devices around the incident location to prevent the technical team from reaching it which required summoning the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Experts to remove the explosives.””This is the second sabotage operation that targets this pipeline in particular within one week in order to provoke a crisis in providing Oil derivatives in Nineveh province and the other areas that benefit of this Oil pipeline,” the statement added.The ministry explained that ”This Oil pipeline is under the protection of the security elements who inhabit those areas.””The Ministry of Oil called the concerned provinces to provide the protection for the oil pipelines that pass across those provinces and to be responsible for the safety of the oil pipelines,” the statement concluded. \

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