Over 50 persons killed, injured in two bomb blasts in Salahuddin

A bomb explosion in Baghdad

Salahuddin ( Over forty people were killed and injured, as a result of an explosion that targeted a restaurant, south of Biji town in Salahuddin province, the Iraqi Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

“The death toll of the blast that hit al-Qalaa restaurant in al-Hajjaj region, north of Tikrity, reached up to seven people, while 42 others were injured,” the ministry’s spokesperson Saif al-Badr told AlSumaria News.

A brief statement by the Security Media Center said earlier that “ a terrorist attack, carried out by a booby-trapped vehicle, that was parked outside one of the restaurants on the main road of Biji-Tikrit took place.”

In related news, the source said “a bomb explosion targeted a vehicle in Qunitera village, in the western side of Shirqat town, leaving a civilian killed and two others injured.”

A total of 90 Iraqi civilians were killed, while 117 others were injured due to acts of violence and terrorism during the month of August, according to the monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).

The worst affected province was Baghdad with 77 civilian casualties (24 killed and 53 injured.) Then comes Nineveh with 39 casualties (29 killed and 10 injured). Anbar came in the third place with 32 casualties (6 killed and 26 injured).

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