Over two million displaced persons return back home in Nineveh: Ministry

Displaced families on their way home in Iraq

Nineveh ( The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement has announced the return of more than two million displaced person to their regions in Nineveh.

In a statement, Abbas Jahakir, official from the ministry, said “camps of al-Jadaa, al-Haj Ali, al-Khazer and Hassan Sham witnessed the return of 2,259 persons to liberated regions in Nineveh over the past two days.”

“550 displaced persons returned to their regions on Tal Afar town and Rabeia, Zumar, Aiyadhiya and al-Kesk from al-Haj Ali camp, while al-Jadaa camps saw the return of 586 displaced to their regions in western and eastern Mosul, Majarin, Tal Abta and al-Mahlabiya, in addition to Makhmur, Tal Afar, Baaj, Zumar and Rabeia.”

The statement also added that “al-Khazer and Hassan Sham camps witnessed the return of 1,123 people to their regions at al-Samah, al-Nahrawan, al-Resala, al-Qussiyat, al-Kesk, al-Mahlabiya, Tal al-Rumman and Rajm al-Hadid in addition to Tal Afar, Zumar and Baaj.”

The ministry had allocated buses to transfer the displaced families to their region in addition to other trucks to transfer the furniture, in cooperation with Transportation Ministry and the Joint Operations Command.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced, in December, full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against IS members.

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