Paramiltiary forces to be denied entry into Nineveh Province says Governor

The Governor of Nineveh province, Ethel Nujaifi.
The Governor of Nineveh province, Ethel Nujaifi.

Nineveh ( On Tuesday the Governor of Nineveh Province Province, Atheel al-Nujaifi, stated that his governorate will not permit entry to any armed paramiltiary force to the province except for the central government’s Police and Armed Forces.

Al-Nujaifi, in his statement to, said “We will not allow entrance of any armed troops to the city of Mosul unless linked with the Iraqi Army.”

Al-Nujaifi also said that is a higher priority for US airstrikes to target ISIS supplies before they reach militants instead of hitting ISIS headquarters which are based in cities and surrounded by the houses of civilians.

He also pointed out that he seeks to replace the head of the security committee within the Governorate Council. Earlier, the president of the security committee moved to Baghdad and all attempts to communicate with him were lost, moreover, Iraq has witnessed a decline in security levels since Jun 10 when the state of emergency was declared by the government to fight against the ISIS terrorist organization.

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  1. Aa far as we are concern there is no Governor in Nineveh province, ISIL is controlling the province, this so called Governor is either working with ISIL or he preferred ISIL to ruled Nineveh, if powerful paratroopers are not allowed it means he want the central government military and police to go alone so that ISIL can collect more weapons from them, second he does not want US air strike on the headquarter of his ISIL friends so that they will not be weakened instead he preferred to target their supply what a foolish military strategy? Ok when civilian refused to leave the area they are part of ISIL, when you fight the paratroopers you are part of ISIL.

  2. Nineveh is Assyrian Christian City not muslim City shie are welcome suni are not welcome most suni are Isis morons most of them

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