Pentagon:Iraqi forces will defeat ISIS in Ramadi and return the water to the Euphrates

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren
Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren

( Baghdad- the US Department of Defense “Pentagon” announced on Saturday that the Iraqi forces will be able to defeat ISIS in Ramadi, indicating that it takes time.

Al-Hurra channel quoted Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren as saying, “ISIS militants have been engaged in the construction of fortifications and trenches around the city of Ramadi hour before the start of the confrontation with the Iraqi security forces.”

“The Iraqi army and Iraqi security forces will be able in the end to defeat ISIS militants in Ramadi so as to make the water returns again to the Euphrates River,” Warren added.

Warren noted that ,”Iraqi forces pursue a military strategy based on moving troops to launch successful attacks, but it may take time before liberating Ramadi, which will take several weeks.”


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