PKK female fighter executed after trying to desert

PKK fighters. File photo..
PKK fighters. File photo.

( Erbil – A female fighter belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was executed after she had attempted to desert from the party and failed, Bas News reported on Monday.

Bas News stated, “The female fighter was from Van, a Kurdish city in southeast Turkey, and was named “Ronahi” by PKK,” adding that, “Ronahi was the head of the PKK’s unit ‘Kurtak Martyrs’.”

“She was captured in the areas of Doli Ballayian, near Choman district of Kurdistan Region, while attempting to desert from the PKK and was executed right where she was caught,” Bas News added.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party imposes huge penalties on its fighters who want to leave in order to prevent them from abandoning the party.

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