Police forces free 45 Bangladeshis in central Baghdad

Police forces free 45 Bangladeshis in central Baghdad
Representational photo.

Baghdad (IraqiNews) Baghdad Police Command announced, on Thursday, freeing 45 Bangladeshis who were held by a labor company in the center of the capital, Baghdad. The company was willing to exploit them, while six accused persons were arrested.

The Command said in a press statement that it received information about the presence of Bangladeshi workers in a house, in central Baghdad. They were captivated by a labor company that was willing to use them in the future.

After obtaining the needed legal approvals, security forces from Alawiya Police Station moved to the scene, and managed to apprehend six of the accused persons.

The arrested persons include two Iraqis and four Bangladeshis (who were collaborating with the Iraqis), the statement added. The security forces also freed 45 Bangladeshis who were detained.

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