Police kill 26 ISIS, 1 civilian dead in shelling at Mosul

dead-islamic-state-fighters-bodiesNineveh ( Federal police forces killed 26 Islamic State militants in Mosul on Wednesday, the Defense Ministry media reported, while four civilians were either killed or wounded in an ISIS shelling of one district.

The War Media Cell said the forces bombarded a group haven near Tal al-Romman village, destroying two booby-trapped cars that tried to stymie the advancement of forces.

Also in Mosul, one civilian was killed and three others wounded as ISIS shelled al-Bakr district, Shafaaq website quoted sources as saying, adding that the victims fell when a mortar missile landed on their home.

Iraqi forces, supported by tribal militias and US-led air forces, have been on a major campaign to liberate Mosul since mid October.

Earlier on Wednesday, anti-terrorism forces reportedly liberated three neighborhoods in Mosul.

Army forces said earlier this week they became in control of 50 percent of the eastern section of Mosul.


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  1. 1 why their dresses and boots are neat and clean if they were fighters.
    2. were they fighting with clothes or taking them somewhere while they were killed?
    3.Do their dressing looks like isi terrorists?
    plz explain picture

  2. ISIS is the global toxic virus, which is spreading lethally all around the world, hurting innocent human being, It should be rapidly killed and destroyed by International community reacting like antibodies. ISIS is the worst enemy of Muslims non Muslims and humanity. In this image ISIS looks like dead bodies of wild dogs.

  3. If you look left of center the man with the camo pants on is using both arms with elbows showing holding a coat over his face. This is a staged photo as this guy is a sure give away. This is done plenty of times in Iraq for reasons using propaganda to benefit the Americans in there quest for showing that many of terrorists have died but only one civilian. This is so to make Syria and Russia look bad as how many civilians have died when they bomb terrorists.
    I have just one question and that is why are all these terrorist so close together,were they having a party or church gathering?

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