Police officers arrested for killing Mosul pair over suspected IS links

Iraqi Federal Police. File photo.

Nineveh ( Five members of Nineveh police was arrested Sunday for killing a young man and a woman in eastern Mosul over suspicions that they were linked to the Islamic State militant group.

Arabi21 website quoted Saad Yahia, a captain at the Nineveh police service, saying that Waleed Kanhir, a regiment commander, and four other subordinate officers were arrested over the killing.

The website said the pair was arrested from their home in Intissar district in eastern Mosul, and that their relatives reported their disappearance for more than a month.

Confessions by one of the officers led to the victims’ burial place near Mosul University, said the report.

The police command found the officers guilty since they were supposed to refer the suspects to justice rather than kill them

Iraqi police forces have been screening eastern Mosul’s population for possible sleeper IS cells hiding among civilians, and did arrest many since the region was recaptured in January.

Iraqi government forces and allied paramilitary troops fighting IS have consistently shrugged off accusations of violating human rights in handling civilians and IS captives during the military campaign running since October.

The Iraqi government said late May it was opening an investigation into accusations against security forces regarding abuses and tortures of Sunni civilians suspected of having links with IS.

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