Popular Mobilization kill 3 IS fighters in Salahuddin

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) in Salahuddin.

Salahuddin ( Iraqi pro-government fighters killed three Islamic State militants in preemptive strikes south of Salahuddin Province, their media service said Thursday.

The Popular Mobilization Units said they killed three militants from the group during preemptive strikes that targeted a rest house belonging to IS in Ishaqi region.

Two militants were shot by the forces while the third blew himself up, according to the PMU’s media.

Salahuddin borders with Diyala have seen an increasing activity by IS members over the past months coinciding with operations by U.S.-backed Iraqi government troops in Mosul, Islamic State’s largest stronghold which was declared free last Monday. IS has stepped up attacks against civilians and security forces at that region.

Diyala-Salahuddin borders.

Having done with its eight-month campaign in Mosul, Iraq’s government will head towards liberating other IS strongholds across Iraq, including in Salahuddin.

Islamic State has lost thousands of its foreign and local, senior and junior members, throughout the Iraqi military campaign.

Violence and armed conflicts left more than 700 Iraqis dead and wounded during the month of June, according to a monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq which excludes security members deaths.



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