Prominent ISIS leaders killed in airstrike south of Tikrit

Archival photo
Archival photo

( Salahuddin – On Wednesday, media officials to the Ministry of Defense announced, that a number of leaders in the so-called the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) were killed, while eight booby-trapped vehicles were destructed in an airstrike carried out by the international coalition aviation south of Tikrit.

The media officials to the Ministry of Defense reported, “The international coalition aviation has carried out an airstrike on a gathering of ISIS east of Muskashafah area.”

The statement added, “The airstrike has resulted in the killing of a number of ISIS leaders including the terrorists Gaafar Hussien al-Khedawi, Abu Sabah al-Khedawi, Abu Hamam al-Tunisi, in addition to the ISIS suicide bombers’ official, a Chechen leader, as well as eight others,” pointing out that, “The strikes also resulted in the burning of two vehicles and eight booby-trapped vehicles.”

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