The most prominent ISIS sniper killed in Khalidiya Island east of Ramadi

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Anbar – The head of the security committee in Khalidiya district in Anbar province, Ibrahim al-Fahdawi announced on Saturday the killing of the most prominent ISIS sniper in Khalidiya Island at the hands of the police force and tribal fighters.

Fahdawi said in an interview for, “a force of the police and tribal fighters managed to kill the most prominent sniper belonging to ISIS in Khalidiya Island east of Ramadi,” noting that, “this sniper is named Abu Hamza.”

“The force also killed another ISIS senior leader called Fakhir al-Obeidi,” Fahdawi added.

The federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat announced on Friday the death of more than  15 ISIS elements in security operations east of Ramadi.


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  1. In Ramadi I heard that it was a team of ISIS snipers that provided covering fire whilst an ISIS armoured bulldozer removed concrete walls so the ISIS armoured suicide vehicles could get to and explode right on top of the Golden Division position, this caused the Golden Division to start a retreat as they couldn’t stop the mass strikes of ISIS armoured suicide vehicles. Now Iraqi soldiers and police have thousands of AT4 anti-tank rockets from the US to counter ISIS armoured suicide vehicles. I hope Iraqi forces got the rest of the ISIS team of snipers and not just the prominent one, maybe they were amongst the 15 mentioned.

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