Recently active groups in Hawija kill several ISIS militants

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Diyala – An IED blast killed a bomb expert and a member of al-Sahwa, while wounded three other personnel, northwest of Baqubah, Al Sumaria News reported on Wednesday.

The bomb targeted security forces while searching the village of Mokhaisa (25 Km northwest of Baqubah).

Al Sumaria News said, “A security force scurried to the scene, carrying the wounded victims to a nearby hospital, while taking dead bodies to forensic medicine department.”

Mokhaisa is one of the conflict hotspots in Diyala, and occasionally witnesses security tensions due to the use of its vast farmlands as havens by Islamic State fighters.

Also on Wednesday, an IED blast killed an ISIS leader in Hawijah, according to Al Sumaria News.

“The IED was planted on the road side on the outskirts of Hawijah, southwest Kirkuk,” Al Sumaria explained. “The bomb targeted the convoy of Abi Muslim, who headed what was referred to as the group’s ‘services divan,’ Al Sumaria added.

Several ISIS leaders had been assassinated by opposing groups that have become active recently in Hawijah.

Hawijah was a major Islamic State stronghold in Kirkuk. It fall to the group’s control after June 2014.

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