Relics of 90 Yazidi victims found in mass grave, west of Nineveh

A mass grave. Representational photo.

Nineveh ( Security troops ran into two mass graves in west of Nineveh, a local source from the province said on Saturday.

Speaking to Alghad Press, the source said, “Iraqi troops, the Yazidi mobilization forces and local residents confiscated in Sinjar two mass graves including relics of 90 Yazidi victims.”

“Most of the persons, whose bodies were found, were from Mujamma al-Jazirah and Qaboussiya village, who were abducted by the Islamic State while controlling Sinjar,” he added.

Mass graves containing huge number of victims executed by IS are seized by troops every now and then.

On Wednesday, news reports mentioned that a mass grave containing the relics of at least 50 people was found in Sinjar. Earlier this month, the media service of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) said troops ran into two mass graves containing relics of 100 Yazidis in the same region in Sinjar.

Habitat of the Iraqi Yazidi religious minority, Sinjar came under the international spotlights after IS militants took over the region in 2014.

Many Yazidis were persecuted and held in Mosul by Islamic State, which considered them devil-worshippers.

A study on the number of Yazidis affected showed that at least 9,900 of Iraq’s Yazidis were killed or kidnapped in just days in an attack by the militants in 2014.

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