US report: IS destroyed fake artifacts in Mosul and sold original pieces

US report: IS destroyed fake artifacts in Mosul and sold original pieces
An IS militant uses a sledgehammer to destroy a several thousand years old stone in the city of Nimrud.

Nineveh ( A report published by the US network ‘CNN’ revealed that the Islamic State group destroyed fake Iraqi artifacts in Mosul, to be able to sell the original pieces later.

The US network quoted Iraqi officials as saying that experts examined the films released by the Islamic State, showing the destruction of artifacts, and concluded that some statues and artifacts destroyed by the militants are fake copies made from gypsum.

The report also declared that the terrorist group smuggled the original pieces out of Iraq, in order to be sold abroad.

The Islamic State militants did not destroy the small-sized artifacts, the report added. It is also possible that the militants sold the rare precious artifacts that were stored in the museums warehouses.

The terrorist group published films showing its members while destroying several artifacts. It released a video in March 2015, showing IS militants while destroying a Lamassu (an Assyrian winged bull) statue with a sledgehammer in the city of Nimrud.

Another films posted online by the group in April 2015 showed the archaeological site in Nimrud being destroyed by bulldozers and explosives.

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