Russian General Staff: Number of ISIS militants reach 70.000 of different nationalities


( On Wednesday, President of the Russian General Staff announced that the number of ISIS militants reached 70.000 elements of various nationalities in Iraq and Syria, revealing that the United States had provided financial and technical assistance to ISIS groups previously in its war against the Syrian government.

The Russian site ‘ Sputnik’ quoted the head of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov as saying, “We estimate that the formations of terrorist organization ISIS, operating in Iraq and Syria, with 70.000 individuals of different nationalities; they represent a key element in radical Islam in the Middle East and their numbers are subject to growth.”

An earlier report by the US Central Intelligence Agency pointed out that, the number of militants who have been fighting alongside ISIS is estimated at 20.000-31 500 fighters.

Gerasimov said that the United States had provided financial and technical assistance for these groups in the war against the Syrian regime, adding that, “Not only is the United States now air-raiding ISIS, but also—according to the White House statements—the decisive defeat of the terrorist groups can only be achieved through a ground operation.”


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  1. We can see sanctions are painful , economy very bad , ruble is paper … Agrresion on neighbors are not smart , but to late , will be worst . We in EU like very much Russian media , its good for laughs . Uh how angry you are 🙂 Caricature of state !

  2. Only 70000, not really! these terrorists are much much more than that as all Salafis and Wahabis of the world are terrorists and that us main reason that ISIS or Al Qaeda or Al Nusra and all other terror outfits surviving. If world us serious terror threats, it should unitedly obliterate Saud Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan the fertile grounds and epicentres of terrorists.

  3. ISIS could mount a great operation to take over Saudi oilfields and shut down oil production by poisoning wells with nuclear trash. This would destroy EU and US by raising price of oil >$400 per barrel

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