Salahuddin officials deport a complete neighborhood for collusion with ISIS

Civilains evacuated from an Iraqi town. (representational photo).
Civilains evacuated from an Iraqi town. (representational photo).

Salahuddin – ( Officials at Salahuddin governorate decided Saturday to deport the residents of a whole district to another location for colluding with the Islamic State and hiding the dead bodies of its militants.

Security leaderships decided to deport the residents of al-Askari district under tight security measures for their collusion with the militant group, said Ali al-Dawdah, head of al-Sharqat precinct.

“There are ISIS accomplices in the neighborhood…the district’s residents are part of the group’s accommodators,” said Dawdah. “A group of ISIS militants had killed five members of al-Hashed al-Shaabi…security forces killed five of those, two of them in the Askari district, but people hid their dead bodies and we could not find them.”

Dawdah said the incident was the only security violation that took place on that day, adding that the whole region was under security control.

“Whoever cooperates with ISIS is one of them, and we will never accept that someone collaborates with that terrorist group,” Dawdah stated.

International politicians and human rights organizations fears have been increasing lately as for possible retaliatory actions against the people of towns liberated from ISIS by Iraqi government forces or popular militias. The Iraqi government and militias have, however, assured on civilians safety after the end of operations.

ISIS remains in control over the western coast of Sharqat, using that location as a launching point for attacks on government facilities.

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