Salahuddin Security Committee denies ISIS control on parts of Biji oil refinery

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.


( On Tuesday, vice president of Salahuddin Security Committee Khalid al-Khazraji denied that ISIS managed to control over some parts of Biji oil refinery, while confirmed that the Iraqi security forces has foiled and ISIS attack, killed 40 militants and destroyed 10 vehicles.

Khazraji said in an interview for, “It is not true that ISIS militants controlled parts of Biji oil refinery,” noting that, “The security forces were able to repel an ISIS attack on the vicinity of the refinery, killing 40 ISIS militants and burning 10 vehicles.”

Khazraji added, “It is also not true that the commander of the brigade in charge of protecting the refinery was killed,” and explained that, “The officer killed was a first lieutenant.”


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  1. So the Mayor of Baiji, Mohammed Mahmoud might be telling a lie in his news article, or this person above might be the one telling a lie in his news article.

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