Saturday, August 13, 2022


Al-Qaeda leader killed with 31 other al-Qaeda elements in Anbar – MG Fadhil Barwari

Major General Fadhil – File photo

Baghdad ( The Commander of the Anti-Terrorism Division, Major-General Fadhil Barwari, assured that al-Qaeda leader Ali al-Dubbi was killed along with other 31 al-Qaeda elements in Anbar province by Special Forces.

Berwari published at his personal Facebook page ”We succeeded in killing the al-Qaeda leader, Ali Dibby, along with 31 al-Qaeda elements and burned their four vehicles in several areas of Anbar province,” noting that ”The photos of the killed terrorists will be published soon.”

Iraq Special Forces managed to control most areas of Ramadi city while the tribes and clerics demanded the people to reopen shops and allow a normal style of life back in the province.

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