Security forces cleanse Albu Faraj and Humera areas in Anbar

Iraqi army forces.
Iraqi army forces.

( Anbar – On Tuesday the leader of tribal fighters in Anbar province announced cleansing the areas of Albu Faraj and al-Humera, as well as the killing of dozens of ISIS elements in northern of Ramadi, pointing out to the progress of the military troops in the areas of Albu Aath and Albu Diab.

Sheikh Rafia al-Fahdawi said in an interview for “The security forces were able to cleanse the areas of Albu Faraj and Humera and kill dozens of the ISIS elements during fierce battles, in which the army troops and the police have made a significant progress in the areas of Albu Aath and Albu Joleb.”

Fahdawi asserted that “the security forces are progressing significantly in the eastern, northern, western and southern axes of Ramadi,” pointing out to “the escape of hundreds of ISIS cells to the western regions as well as Syria.”

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