Security forces cut off main roads in Baghdad in preparation for Arba’een visit

Husseiniyah March. File photo.
Husseiniyah March. File photo.

( Baghdad – Security forces started to cut off main roads in the capital, Baghdad, in preparation for the visit of Arba’een (the fortieth of Imam Hussein, which is a Shia Muslim religious observance that occurs forty days after anniversary of Hussein’s death), Al Mada Press reported on Monday.

Al Mada stated, “Security forces started, this morning, to cut off all main roads in Baghdad, in preparation for the visit of Imam Hussein’ Arba’een in the province,” adding that, “The plan included cutting off a part of Mohamed al-Qassim and al-Canal roads, in eastern the province, and the highway in al-Daura area, in southern Baghdad.”

“The [security] forces also cut off the road linking between Husseiniyat al-Ma’mel, in northern Baghdad, toward al-Obeidi area and al-Mashtal in New Baghdad area, as well as cutting off the road linking between the gate of Kadimiyah city and al-Aamel neighborhood, and the road linking between Hayy Tarek area toward Palestine Street,” Al Mada added.

“Also, the forces cut off al-Hilla highway from al-Saidiyah area, southwest of Baghdad to al-Daura area, south of Baghdad,” Al Mada continued.

Al Mada also explained that the security forces deployed mobile and fixed checkpoints and patrols near the Husseiniyah marches in different areas of the province to secure the movement of visitors walking toward Karbala to celebrate Imam Hussein’s Arba’een.


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    • Als! you would have rightly guided by your scholars…you would have understood the value and mission of Arbaeen and Hussaini march.
      All we have today, is the sadqa of Imam Hussain A.s.

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