Security forces destroy 2 boats for ISIS, kill 9 militants west of Ramadi

Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – al-Jazeerah and al-Badiyah Operations Command announced on Saturday the killing of nine elements of ISIS as well as the destruction of two boats belonging to the organization and the dismantling of 72 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) west of Ramadi.

The commander of the operations, Maj. Gen. Ali Ibrahim Daboun, stated for, “A force from al-Jazeerah and al-Badiyah Operations conducted a military operation in the area of Abu Dalaya north of Haditha (160 km west of Ramadi), killing nine terrorists from ISIS and wounding two others, in addition to destroying two boats belonging to the organization.”

“The force dismantled 72 explosive devices without any material or human losses,” he added.

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  1. In world news outside of Iraq, Sabah al-Karhout, president of the Anbar Provincial Council, on Saturday told The Associated Press that ISIS the ambushed Iraqi forces in 2 separate ambushes on Friday west of Ramadi, and those ambushes ISIS killed up to 50 Iraqi soldiers. What will Iraq officially say about this and if it is true or not because it is in world news outside of Iraq.

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