Security forces detonates car bomb, seize another in Ba’aj

Security forces detonates car bomb, seize another in Ba'aj
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Nineveh (IraqiNews) Nineveh Operations Command announced, on Monday, dismantling a booby-trapped vehicle and seizing another in al-Ba’aj District.

Leader of Operations, General Numan Abd Najem al-Zawbaei, said in a statement, “Based on accurate information that there are booby-trapped vehicles, south of al-Ba’aj District in Nineveh Island, security forces from the 60th brigade and al-Hashd al-Ashaeri arrived in the area.”

He further added that one of the vehicles was detonated, while security forces seized another one, destroyed tunnels and killed their occupants.

Last May, Head of Falcons Intelligence Cell pointed out that a number of IS terrorist cells in al-Ba’aj District, west of Nineveh, were dismantled by an aerial landing operation, while added that the operation was carried out backed by aerial coverage by the international coalition aviation.

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