Security forces discover 3 explosives labs near Ramadi

Explosives laboratory.
Explosives laboratory.

Anbar ( A local source in Anbar province revealed, that security forces discovered three explosives labs belonging to the Islamic State group (ISIS), west of Ramadi, Alsumaria News reported on Sunday.

The source told Alsumaria, “Forces from the army’s 7th brigade, intelligence of the 29th brigade and tribal fighters managed to discover three explosives labs belonging to the ISIS in Heet city and Kabisa area.”

“These laboratories were found by the citizens of Heet and Kabisa who informed the security forces,” the source explained. “Army’s engineering teams defused the explosive materials in these laboratories,” the source added.

Security forces and tribal fighters continue searching areas and neighborhoods liberated from the ISIS in Heet, in preparation for the return of displaced people.

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