Security forces kill 7 terrorists, including Saudi national, in Fallujah

Iraqi government forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi government forces. Archival photo.

( Baghdad – On Saturday, Baghdad Operations Command announced, that 7 terrorists, including a Saudi national, have been killed in a security operation in Fallujah District.

Baghdad Operations spokesman, Gen. Saad Moen, stated for, “In the late hours of yesterday, a force from the rapid intervention units had carried out a security operation targeting a terrorist shelter in the area of al-Mudafeen in the city of Fallujah,” noting that, “The operation resulted in killing seven terrorists, including a Saudi national known as Abu Hafsa.”

“The operation had also resulted in the destruction of two armored bulldozers and a booby-trapped house located near the area of al-Harirat in Fallujah District,” Moen added.

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