Security forces kill IS suicide bombers who attacked 3 neighborhoods in Mosul

Iraqi security forces fighting IS
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

Nineveh ( Security Committee of Nineveh Provincial Council announced on Wednesday killing a number of the Islamic State (IS) suicide bombers who attacked three neighborhoods in the eastern side of Mosul.

Head of the Security Committee, Mohamed al-Bayati, said in a press statement, “Members of the IS attacked the neighborhoods of al-Nour, al-Ta’mim and al-Qadisiyah in the eastern side of Mosul.”

“The terrorist group used suicide bombers and booby-trapped vehicles in the attacks that were repulsed by the Counter-Terrorism forces,” Bayati added.

“The Counter-Terrorism forces killed a number of the attackers, as well as destroying some of the booby-trapped vehicles used in the attack,” Bayati further explained.

Moreover, Bayati revealed that the IS takes advantage of the bad weather to launch attacks on liberated neighborhoods.

He also revealed that security forces are completely controlling the situation in these neighborhoods, and IS couldn’t advance any further in these areas.

Joint security forces, backed by Army Aviation and international coalition, continue liberating the remaining areas of Mosul.

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