Security forces launch liberation battles of Bashiqa, Tel Saqef and Nuran

Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.
Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.

( Erbil – Today the battles to liberate the areas of Bashiqa, Tel Saqef and Nuran were launched with the participation of about 30,000 members of Peshmerga forces, Al Sumaria News reported on Thursday.

Al Sumaria News stated, “Anti-Terrorism forces, with the participation of Peshmerga forces began an offensive to recapture the areas of Bashiqa, Tel Saqef and Nuran, northeast the city of Mosul,” noting that, “President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, supervises the battle in person.”

“Nearly 30 thousand fighters of Peshmerga will participate in this battle,” Al Sumaria added. “The security forces are advancing towards these areas without any resistance from the ISIS militants,” Al Sumaria explained.

The media outlet revealed, “The region is witnessing heavy air strikes and artillery shelling since last night,” pointing out that, “ISIS booby-trapped many buildings and main roads in these areas.”

The joint security forces, backed by the Army Aviation and international coalition air force, continue their progress in the battle to liberate Mosul city from the control of the ISIS.

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