Security forces liberate Jaba area in al-Baghdadi District west of Ramadi

Iraqi forces . Archival photo.
Iraqi forces . Archival photo.

( Anbar – The commander of the seventh division of the Army, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Zobaie Nauman, announced on Tuesday the liberation of Jaba area in al-Baghdadi District west of Ramadi.

Zobaie said in an interview for “Joint security forces of the seventh division and tribal fighters supported by the international coalition aviation carried out an extensive security operation resulted in the liberation of of Jaba area in al-Baghdadi district (90 km west of Ramadi).”

Zubai pointed out that “The operation resulted in the death of 27 ISIS elements and the destruction of 10 missiles platforms by the artillery and the international coalition air strikes.”

“The operation also resulted in the killing of three fighters from the tribes, as well as wounding four soldiers,” he added.

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