Security forces repel ISIS attack on al-Baghdadi district, Anbar

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

( Al-Anbar – On Sunday, member of al-Baghdadi Provincial Council in al-Anbar province, Najim Abdullah, announced, that the Iraqi security forces managed to repel an attack by the ISIS group militants on the residential areas of the district of al-Baghdadi.

Member of al-Baghdadi Provincial Council Nijm Abdullah said in an interview for “Today, security forces backed by tribal fighters and the army’s air force have managed to repel an mortar shell attack by the ISIS group militants on the residential area in the district of al-Baghdadi,” pointing out that, “The forces inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment upon ISIS ranks.”

“The attack resulted in injuring 4 civilians in the residential area of the district,”

The district of al-Baghdadi located 90 km west of Ramadi.

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