Security forces secure 25 per cent of Fallujah

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
File Photo.

( Anbar – West of Baghdad Operations Command announced about securing 25 per cent of areas of Fallujah and cleaning it from ISIS remnants, as well as diffusing a number IEDs and booby-trapped houses.

The commander of West of Baghdad Operations Major General Saad Harbeya said, “Security forces managed to clean 25 per cent of Fallujah from ISIS control and secure all areas of the city in preparation for the return of displaced persons to their liberated areas.”

Harbeya added, “Security forces managed to diffuse and detonate 8000 IEDs, 1560 booby-trapped houses and 48 explosives laboratories, in addition to seizing 52 weapons cache and liberating 240 km of main roads in Fallujah.”

“The security force in cooperation with the government committees are working to clean the city and re-operate drinking water stations and rehabilitate services and projects in preparation for the return of displaced persons,” he said.

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