Self-proclaimed “butcher” officer beheaded 50 Islamic State members in revenge

Aziz Falah, a self-named butcher and a member of Iraqi security who says beheaded 50 Islamic State members.

Mosul ( A member of the Iraqi security forces fighting Islamic State militants in Mosul has been filmed saying he had beheaded 50 Islamic State militants, saying it was a fair payback for the group’s massacres of civilians.

“FInding your brother slaughtered, or your mother slaughtered, what are you going to do?,” the man, who was presented as police member Falah Aziz, is seen in a video report by Swedish website Expressen. “What they did to us we must do to them”.

He said the 50 militants he had decapitated were among 130 others who had fought on IS side i revenge to the death of four of his elder brothers on the militants’ hands.

One of the clips shared by the website showed Aziz, nicknamed the “butcher”, with a blood-stained knife, and in another holding the heads of purported Islamic State militants.

Speaking to the website, he was quoted saying that his comrades had not objected to his practice, and even celebrated it.

Iraqi government forces and allied paramilitary troops have been leading an eight-month campaign to drive IS militants out of Mosul, the group’s biggest stronghold in Iraq and their previously-proclaimed capital. But the forces have also grappled with occasional accusations by U.N. and independent human rights of extrajudicial killings of Islamic State captives and forced deportations of the group’s suspected sympathizers.


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  1. This man does what is needed. When it comes to ISIS who only live by death, then you must show them what they do to others. Only then will they fall from fear the same way a lion fears other lions. No one should have to live next to ISIS sympathizers either. They should be imprisoned and exiled.

  2. He”s not killing people. He’s killing ISIS. After losing 4 brothers and his mother to the ISIS vermin he can hardly be blamed for taking revenge on the rats.

  3. ISIS is a committed anti-God, anti- Christ, anti-humanity collection of Satanic soldiers who covet the extreme rebellion against God’s commandment: “Thou shalt not murder.”
    They are paying the price now and will for all eternity because they have believed a LIE from the FATHER of lies.

  4. I am sure Europe is going to cry human rights abuses and want this man punished. These geezers would have allowed Hitler and his butchers to collect state pension, had they lived in those times.

    Please execute the last of these butchers, sadists who revelled in terrorising people.

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