Senior Islamic State female vigilante found dead west of Mosul

A member of the Islamic State’s female Khansa Brigade.

Mosul ( A senior female member of the Islamic State’s vigilantism squads have been found dead west of Mosul, according to local sources.

Alsumaria News quoted the sources saying that the woman, nicknamed Um Qays, a senior official at the group’s Hisbah (religious vigilantes) division, was found dead with marks of gunshots in the chest at an unfinished house on the outskirts of Tal Afar, a major Islamic State stronghold.

The source explained that Um Qays was in charge of intelligence cells as as well as “women police” forces within the group.

Since taking over large areas of Iraq in 2014, Islamic State has employed vigilantism teams to observe commitment to its extreme religious rules among civilians under their control.

Tal Afar, west of Mosul (google maps).

Several senior IS leaders have been reportedly killed in mysterious circumstances at Tal Afar over the past few weeks as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces launched an offensive in October to retake Mosul. The group has lost dozens of leaders since then, with the coalition commanders saying its fighters in Mosul shrunk to less than 1000. Iraqi commander say the group now holds less than seven percent of Iraqi territories, and the campaign currently presses on the group in the western side of the city.

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