Separate blasts kill 2 militia leaders near Mosul

Separate blasts kill 2 militia leaders near Mosul
Shia forces. File photo.

Nineveh ( Two leaders of al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia were killed, by booby-trapped houses’ explosion, during the ongoing battles against the Islamic State group in western Mosul, Militia leader Mousa Hassan Jawlak said.

Jawsak said in a press statement, “Militia leader Arkan Kareem al-Mayahi, member of Martyr Sadr Forces), and leader Hussien Ajami al-Burki, member of Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia were killed during the ongoing battles in the vicinity of Tal Afar (56 km west of Mosul).”

“The Islamic State planted explosives in several houses in the villages of Tal al-Zalat and Umm al-Masayed,” Jawsak added. “The two leaders were killed due to the explosion of the booby-trapped houses, in two separate incidents,” Jawsak further explained.

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