Seven ISIS militants killed in Anbar in coalition airstrikes

ISIS militant's dead bodyز
ISIS militant’s dead bodyز

Anbar – ( Seven Islamic State militants were killed in an airstrike by US-led fighter jets west of Ramadi, an army source said Friday.

‘International coalition air forces bombed today two vehicles belonging to ISIS at the 110th Kilometer, west of Ramadi,” a source at the army’s Anbar operations command told Alsumaria News. He added that the strike killed seven militants on board.

“Group elements were on their way for an attack on a security point,” said

Local sources have recently said that the group had kidnapped 250 former police and army agents, accusing them of acting as informants for security forces and consequently enabling the forces to locate militants and kill them.

Several ISIS militants were killed over the past week as airstrikes targeted their havens and combat vehicles in Anbar towns. Security authorities say the strikes are carried out based on intelligence information.

Iraqi government and popular troops, assisted by a US-led international coalition forces, have been on a major campaign since mid October to clear the country, most notably the city of Mosul, from Islamic State militants who took over large areas of Iraq in 2014.

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