Several violations against Iraqi journalists in October: Rights group

Photojournalist (representational photo)

Baghdad ( Several Iraqi journalists were killed, injured and arrested over the past month, an Iraqi rights group said.

A report by the Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech, issued on Monday, said, the center “recorded several violations against Iraqi journalists during October of this year. Killing and injury of journalists, who accompanied security troops, came on top. Some of them succumbed to death on health grounds. One journalist was detained by kurdish troops, while the other was held by federal troops in Baghdad. He is still in custody without declaring the reason behind or the place of his arrest

Others, according to the report, were assaulted by protesters in Kurdistan and security troops in Najaf. The house of a journalist in Diyala was broken into without a judicial memorandum

In July, The Federation of Arab Journalists said in a statement that 47 Iraqi journalists were killed, while 55 others were wounded while covering and accompanying security troops during battles in Mosul.

The first Iraqi slain journalist in 2017 was Abdul Qader al-Qaisi, who was kidnapped and then found by security forces in January. His body was dumped on the road between Kirkuk and Baghdad. Another journalist Afrah Shawqi was abducted for nine days and then released.

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