Sharqat Mayor: 2 mass graves discovered in the district

An ISIS mass grave in Iraq. File Photo .
An ISIS mass grave in Iraq. File Photo .

( Salahuddin – Mayor of Sharqat in Salahuddin province Ali al-Dawdah announced on Tuesday discovering two mass graves in the district.

Dawdah said in a press statement, “One of the district’s residents found human remains while burying one of his relatives, and after informing local authorities they discovered a mass grave near al-Makhazen area in Sharqat district.”

“The 1st grave contained 10 bodies while the second one contained nearly 13 bodies mostly women and children,” Dawdah added.

“The ISIS committed many crimes against the residents of the district and executed who violated its instructions and ideology,” Dawdah explained.

Yesterday, Federal Police forces found a mass grave inside the Faculty of agriculture, west of Hamam al-Alil, south of the city of Mosul.

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