Six killed, eight injured in Sharqat bombing

Paramedics transfer the bodies of a bomb blast victims. Archival photo.
Paramedics transfer the bodies of a bomb blast victims. File photo.

( SALAHADDIN – A security source in Salahaddin province announced on Saturday that six civilians were killed and about eight others injured in a bomb blast that targeted the families escaping ISIS control in Sharqat Island towards the north of Salahaddin province.

Speaking to Iraqi News the source said, “An explosive device planted to the side of a road in Sharqat Island exploded at noon today, while families escaping ISIS control from the district were heading towards Baiji. Six civilians were killed and eight others were injured.”

Seeking anonymity the source said, “ISIS is planting explosive devices on the paths of the families fleeing their control. Taking risks, several families every day, are escaping through these roads and bomb blasts like the one day have claimed a number of innocent lives.”

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