UPDATED: Islamic State declares Baghdadi dead, rampage flares over succession

The Islamic State supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Tal Afar ( The Islamic State has declared its runaway supreme leader dead, announcing it was going to name a successor soon, a source in Nineveh province said, the latest episode in clashing, unconfirmed reports around the leader’s survival.

Alsumaria News quoted a local source Tuesday saying that IS made a brief statement in the town of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, in which it confirmed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death without adding further details except stressing an imminent declaration of a successor and a call upon fighters to remain resilient.

Chaos flared in Tal Afar following the declaration, according to Alsumaria News’s sources. Infighting among Baghdadi’s loyalists and opponents broke out, prompting the group to carry out  wide-scale arrests and to impose a curfew at most of the town.

No official Iraqi authority confirmed the reported statement, but it came one day after Alsumaria News said the group reversed a ban on discussing Baghdadi’s death and a 50-lashes punishment prescribed for the violation. The group had earlier, according to sources, executed a top preacher and a close aide to Baghdadi who inadvertently brought up the issue of his death during an emotional sermon.

Since Iraqi government forces, backed by a U.S.-led coalition, launched a major offensive in October to retake Mosul, IS’s largest bastion in Iraq, clashing speculations around Baghdadi’s survival were plentuous. Russia said it was 100% sure Baghdadi was killed in a strike in Syria last month, but its declaration was met with skepticism from the United States and other countries.

On Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared final victory over Islamic State members in Mosul, saying the recapture of the city was an end of the self-styled “caliphate” declared  by Baghdadi in 2014.



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  1. Actually it was the U.S. backed coalition that killed him. Before a confirmation was given Russia fearing for losing ground in Syria started announcing they were the ones who killed him. Unfortunatley Russian planes were nowhere near Raqqa and had they been; they would have been shot down by the U.S. as a threat to the SDF who is the only legitimate force fighting ISIS in Raqqa and any airstrikes conducted near or around Raqqa is done by the U.S. backed coalition…not Russia.

  2. LOL!.. You just cannot admit that Russia killed ISIS leader 😀
    If US & vassals had killed him, they wouldn’t dismiss Russian report, saying “Bahdadi was declared dead many times… only to be found alive and well”
    You lying anglozio don’t even have guts to admit the truth… Pathetic.

  3. @Will – You’re nothing but a CIA shill….the Russians blew up the camp that Al Baghdadi was residing in.
    The U.S are collaborators with ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliated Jihadi groups. It’s once again doing Israel’s dirty work in the Middle East.

  4. Russians claimed to kill him but they provided no evidence… It was only after ISIS admitted he was killed in Nineveh that the Russian story was believed… but fools want to believe it is all a plot by the west? there are too many fools like you filled with hateful conspiracy theories about the west who stupidly believe that the enemy the USA has been fighting for years is supposedly controlled by the west?… the stupidity is astounding…

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