Steep divisions as Islamic State militants debate surrender in Kirkuk

Troops of the Islamic State group. File photo.

Kirkuk ( Splits are growing among foreign and local Islamic State members in Kirkuk over whether to surrender or stand up in face of Iraqi troops preparing to retake the group’s strongholds in the province.

A local source told Alsumaria News that commands of the Islamic State’s so-calld “Kirkuk State” and “Diyala State’, stationed in the town of Hawija, have put their fighters on alert anticipating violent twists as controversies exacerbate over whether to surrender or fight the upcoming battle.

According to the source, while foreign elements vote for fighting, local members  largely back the surrender option.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command has recently declared the approach of operations to recapture IS strongholds in Kirkuk, most notably the town of Hawija which the militants held since 2014. Reports had told of reinforcements sent to the the town’s outskirts, but the exact date of the offensive is yet to be determined by the Iraqi command.

On Monday, Jabbar al-maamouri, a leader at the Popular Mobilization forces in Kirkuk, said IS militants families had begun evacuating their residences in Hawija.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights predicts 85.000 civilians to flee the town as military offensives launch.

Iraqi forces had so far recaptured Islamic State’s former capital in Iraq, Mosul, in July, and also retook Tal Afar, the group’s last holdout in Nineveh province, a week ago.



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  1. Don’t let these IS scumbag pigs give up.

    Then you will have to face these pigs again.
    These pigs will not change there radical beliefs and will do this all over.

    Do you think they will not kill you later on?

  2. Don’t accept surrender – kill them all. They are a cancer and it has to be cut out or it will infect the rest of society. Kill them and their families. Don’t you remember them burning, decapitating, raping, drowning the innocents? Finish them off.

  3. Debating surrender seems a rational thing to do. Perhaps the slave soldiers are finally revolting? Perhaps they want to go underground and later continue their terror attacks like they did before. If this thing is not settled history tells us the violence will surge again. The religious wackos are not going to give up, just hide.

  4. The women and children of ISIS families are innocent. Iraqi ISIS recruits should be lashed and reformed. They were forced to join by the foreign swine who should be whipped and executed. The whipping and execution should be shown in the media of the countries from where they came. Their govts have funded, trained and sent these swine to murder, plunder and rape. The criminal Turks should never be spared. They stole millions of barrels of oil from Iraq and Syria. Without Turkey, the war in Syria would never have happened. Erdogan should be hung with meat hooks inserted in his behind.

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