Strange disease spread among ISIS ranks in Sharqat

ISIS fighters. File photo.
ISIS fighters. File photo.

( BAGHDAD – The leadership of al-Hashed al-Sha’abi forces, Jabbar Maamouri announced on Monday about the spreading of a strange disease among the ranks of ISIS fighters in Shirqat at north of Salahuddin.

Maamouri, in a press statement, said, “A strange disease recently has begun to circulate among the ranks of ISIS militants in Shirqat at north of Salahuddin, prompting the organization to detain more than 10 armed men and take them to an unknown destination according to the available intelligence information.”

Maamouri added that, “The families of the militants, who were detained due to illness, have begun asking for the fate of their relatives which created a heated exchange between the two parties that could escalate at any moment.”

Sharqat has been subjected to the control of ISIS since June 2014. It is the most important ISIS stronghold in Salahuddin province.


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