Suicide attack targets Hussainiyah march under Jardiyah Bridge in central Baghdad

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Baghdad – Iraqi media outlets reported on Sunday, that six persons were either killed or wounded in a suicide bombing that targeted a Hussainiyah march under Jardiyah Bridge in central Baghdad.

Al-Sumaria News stated, “A suicide bomber blew up himself in front of a Hussainiyah march near Aghsan al-Zaiton restaurant under al-Jardiyah Bridge in central Baghdad.”

Al-Sumaria News reported earlier today that the bombing resulted in the killing and wounding of an unidentified number of people, then it was confirmed by Baghdad Operations Command that the bombing claimed 6 casualties.

“The suicide bomber immediately blew up himself, killing two persons and wounding four others with different injuries,” the Command revealed.

Security forces imposed strict procedures in the area of incident, while ambulances transferred the wounded to a nearby hospital and the bodies to the forensic medicine department.

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